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The orchid lost its last flower, the only piece of beauty it possessed. I watered it, I took care of it… I did everything, and now it’s gone. You see, something so beautiful, so soft, so fragile overpowered me, it took me completely… it took everything, and now it’s gone.

I know that orchids bloom once a year. Once a year, I have the chance to see the smile of a flower, its creamy colored velvet texture completing the space of the room, my little princess of heats… No effort, no struggle, no force – it just knows, it is the most beautiful thing I will ever have.

I am waiting for the orchid to bloom again…



Но все по-скъпа ми е таз,
която ми постла легло.
Робърт Бърнс

И пролетта, и младостта,
и всичко си отива…
Не искам нищо от света –
ти само да си жива.

Старее твоето лице
и с бръчки се покрива,
ала за моето сърце
така си по-красива.

В друг влюбена си може би,
Каквато искаш ти бъди,
но само да си жива.

Александър Геров

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