My Macedonian Ways

123456(DRESS Desigual, SHOES Zara, SCARF BERSHKA, BRACELETS Stradivarius)

Catch me in the rye and go with the wind. Squeeze the juice called life out of nature’s veins, drink it and make it happen. Touch your mind, and smile. Embrace your body, and enjoy. Open your heart, and play. Fill up the tank and drive to the wildest place. Find it, explore it, own it. Imagine yourself without it, but never wish it. Take care of your garden and make it your 9th cloud. Bring the sky down here and go up there. Look back at your place and you will know that you will never leave it again.

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2 Responses to My Macedonian Ways

  1. Love these photos – all your little additions make it so fun! And your home makes such a glamorous setting xx

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