Night and Day

3A new dawn is born – again asking for light –

sunny day  – shiny face and sight,

temperature rising – remembering last night,

wind blowing – touching it, even blind…

Clouds appear one by one – still the same incredible way

covering the lonely sky – without even fading away

missing one star only – the one he is in love with

instead a divine sunset is glowing – elevating her above the truth

gold and colors up there playing – like unreal heaven, like forgotten myth

but rain starts to fall – needing that flesh to reach

and now the sky is crying – desiring deep inside, her body to leash

calling his star to come – she to be the only one

to make him like he is born again – and let her live his life for him…

2008, Bulgaria

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3 Responses to Night and Day

  1. Mama says:

    нямам думи!радвам се це поетичното и артистичното живеят в твоята реалност!

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