The Sins Sessions: Greed

(BODY Triumph, BRA Med, JACKET Stradivarius, SKIRT Cliche, SHOES Zara, NECKLACE Mango)

“I want it all, and I want it now!”, she said with the greediest tone of voice you have ever heard. It’s been like that since she was born; the little princess and her caprices. And believe me, she always gets what she wants. The funniest thing here is that, they are always there; always happy to pleasure her, to pamper her, to lick her unappeasable, unsatisfiable, brutal little soul. How much is enough, has never been the question; How much more? How much more is there to be taken? – I think that one, is the right one…

“Plus, my dear, nothing exceeds like excess :)”… and she said that with the greediest smile you have ever seen.

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One Response to The Sins Sessions: Greed

  1. Karsten says:

    Our love will destroy the world !

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