Summer Time II

(TUNIC Marks & Spencer, SILK DRESS Somewhere from China)

As I promised, here is my second look for the beach, a beautiful white tunic, with an ethnic incrustation on the neckline. I love it because I could wear it everywhere: at breakfast, in the bar, on the street… this makes it very comfortable and I don’t need to worry about changing clothes all the time (something I am not fond of).

Another interesting thing in this post is that you can see me without any make-up 🙂 (1st and 4th photo). Not to mention that I made these photos in the morning while my family is preparing for the breakfast (remember my niece?… well she was the photographer again :)).

Last but not least, we passed by the sand figures in Burgas to see them and take some shots. The theme was animation characters, so you could find Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Donald Duck, The Smurfs, Rapunzel, Tom & Jerry… they were truly amazing.

Now I can say: “Bye Sea, see you next year :)”.

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