Sister Bliss

(TOP Pull & Bear, SKIRT Cliché, SHOES Jeffrey Campbell)

I can’t help but wonder: what do ballerinas do after the party? I feel like they are having another one, and another one until the swans arrive and join them. Do they wear clothes or cotton candy?! I can bet the only thing that touches their mouths is pink lollipops. Clouds… if they ever sleep it must be on clouds. They know how to smile. Confusion doesn’t exist, only bliss…

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3 Responses to Sister Bliss

  1. your little description at the bottom there is really cute. totally agree, i have a weird fascination with ballerinas..i think because i’ll never know and i’ll never be one. not even close. i adore your tutu! and agree – they def sleep on clouds 🙂

  2. Karsten says:

    I have only today noticed your text for this post.
    Zaraya, you are a poet ! I immediately fell in love with the sweet sensuality, and the playful romantic images, of your text. You have an eye for the poetic beauty that surrounds us; and you have the ability to express it in words. More please 🙂

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