With the special participation of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

(DRESS Tally Weijl, SHOES Jeffrey Campbell, SUNGLASSES H&M, PEARL NECKLACE Bijou Brigitte)

Several years ago I found that Tally Weijl dress, which really reminds me of the one Kim Kardashian is wearing on the photo. I have also noticed that Kanye is always wearing these aviator sunglasses, not the classic ones, but the neon ones, which are quite a hit right now. So I decided to create the Kimye look that has Kim’s glam and Kanye’s edge. Basically something like Kim meets Kanye meets Zaraya haha 🙂 Of course the pearls are my contribution to the idea, aaaand that’s what’s up!

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3 Responses to Kimye

  1. Kenny Devine says:

    Loving this sequence of photos and your style!!!

  2. Sianna says:

    Здравей! Номинирах те/дадох ти Liebster Blog Award. Можеш да прочетеш повече тук:

  3. Emiliya says:

    Your style is remarkable! I am very pleased and proud with you!

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