Ratatouille! I really wanted to try this recipe and today I finally did it. It is super easy (except for the fact that you have to cut a lot), it is healthy and super delicious :). All you need to do is cut aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes, onions, and peppers into slices and arrange them beautifully. After that you add some olive oil, garlic and fresh spices, and there you have it! Since I LOVE vegetables, I love Ratatouille (there is some logic). Have you checked the animation? It is so funny!

My advice is: cook! There is nothing more precious that home made food 🙂

P.S. Mary thanks for the advice! (I am not sure if I really did it the right way, but I will know for the next time) xxx

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2 Responses to Ratatouille

  1. Ca a l’air delicieux! Meme si tu as pas suivi les conseils de chef Petrov. Si tu vois ce que je veux dire :))))

    • Zaraya Bozh says:

      Еее, ти сега – от главата за краката! Остави ме да науча поне oui какво означава :). Но google translator ми каза за някакви съвети на, някаквъв шеф…élaborée Mary

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