Bad Romance

(SHIRT Stradivarius, SKIRT Stradivarius, BRACELET Claire’s, SHOES Jeffrey Campbell )

There is no better way to start Monday, but with a red lipstick. It is chic, feminine and attractive. When I put it on I feel like I go back to the 50s, somewhere close to “Mad Men” :). When it comes to polka dots, I find them very pretty in their simplicity. Beige and blue is classic, but adding the wedges makes the look up-to-date.

Pearls are my all time favorite accessory. Every woman should have a pearl necklace, earrings, or a bracelet in her jewellery collection.

If you wonder how I achieved those sexy curls, I can tell you, it is super easy :). I just sleep with my hair in a bun (you can see it in the photos), but previously I add some hair spray or curl mousse. In the morning I just loose my hair and voilà :)!.

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