Fancy Sheep

                 (COAT, SHIRT & CLUTCH Zara, Mint Pants Stradivarius, SHOES Dizi)

I decided to put together some pieces that are quite trendy for the spring season, including the mint pants and the cool print shirt. This time I tried the self timer on the camera and eventually I got some nice pics. I am sorry that it is difficult for you to see the shoes, but click on that link to check them out. What I like about them is this retro style imitating a man shoe 🙂 Overall the look is quite versatile and it is suitable for many different occasions but definitely not for the sun outside :). Just take off the coat :).

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2 Responses to Fancy Sheep

  1. voguevale says:

    cool pictures!
    xoxo vale

  2. DeadlyInlove says:

    Great shirt and such nice coat- like sheep indeed!

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