The Editor

I know, I know… I have been busy lately and there was practically no time for updating the blog. Anyway… Last weekend I found this amazing application called Pixlr-o-matic and I spent some time editing photos. I love retro effects and I am happy to show you the results with some pictures of mine.

The first one is from my last birthday in December 2011. My family and I had lots of fun because I insisted to have the party at home, but in one condition – everybody to dress extravagant 🙂 It was very fun! My look was really, really retro 🙂 and that’s what I was aiming for. The dress is vintage and I adore it. I tried to channel the 1920’s and I hope I have managed :).

The next two photos are from an amateur photo shoot I made last summer. The dress is from ZARA.

The last ones are from my second photo shoot I made together with my friend Anya in Portugal last summer… and it was so great. We were three girls, Sofia was there as well, and we laughed a lot. I was joking that I am Gisele, Anya is the professional photographer and Sofia is my assistant 🙂 How funny is that! I will upload more photos from this session soon. The leopard leggings and crochet blouse are from ZARA, the brown leggings, the crochet cardigan, and the metal bracelets are from Stradivarius. Pearl bracelets from Claire’s.

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2 Responses to The Editor

  1. cloudoflace says:

    I love everything vintage. You’re photos, the outfits & the effects you’ve applied to them look just amazing!! 🙂

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