First Step

Photos by: Cátia Rodrigues

(DRESS Stradivarius, JACKET Stradivarius, BELT Bershka, SHOES Zara, BRACELET Claire’s)

Photos by: Cátia Rodrigues

Photos by: Cátia Rodrigues
(Top Mango, JEANS Salsa)

Where else could I have started from except from my first “unprofessional” photo shoot. Well, this is the first time I’ve ever modeled, no matter how funny it may seem. I had lots of fun, I must say. The photographer was Cátia Rodrigues and the place was Lisbon. It was a cloudy and rainy Sunday afternoon, in other words, perfect for creating art 🙂 . I prepared three looks: one casual, one elegant, and one party, and this is the result. I have to mention that I haven’t been on a diet previously to the session, so please don’t judge me. The idea of the photo shoot was for both me and Cátia to gain some experience and of course to pretend that we work in the fashion world 🙂

The upcoming posts will be based on my second experience as a model and other looks that I have created last summer. Unfortunately, right now I don’t have a camera, so I plan on writing about other topics, until I get one of my own.

SOON On My Mysterious Ways©: My favorite style icons, my favorite model, and my experience as a young designer…

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